Now is the Time to Support Musicians More than Ever

There are a lot of struggling musicians who deserve our support. There are also big stars in the music industry who just can’t stop doing great music. They also deserve our continued support. If you have second thoughts in supporting this industry, perhaps now is the time to quell that hesitation.

Now, more than ever, musicians use their voice to stand up for what is right. They don’t create music to entertain. They focus on lyrics that mean a lot. You may think of some musicians as self-absorbed individuals who can’t do great music.

There are others who keep using sound engineering devices to improve their vocal quality. The lyrics in some songs especially in this generation have faded. Compared with the kind of songs produced in the past, the difference is stark.

However, musicians are coming around. They are now back in making songs that make more sense. They are creating songs that don’t just sound nice, but are also sending clear messages. If you have seen the recently concluded Grammys, you might have seen a lot of musicians who have used their talents to stand up against Trump.

Others did not mention the president directly, but they have questioned his policies. They have shed light on the most pressing issues the society is facing. Back then, award ceremonies are all about artists throwing shade at each other. If you can remember, there was a time when Taylor Swift was interrupted by Kanye to show his support for Beyonce during her acceptance speech at the VMA’s. He embarrassed Taylor on stage after telling her how she didn’t deserve to get the award.

In the latest Grammys, there were no more shades. The stage was set for creative performances and the ones that we have never heard of before. There were strong rebukes against the Trump administration. There were also a lot of artists who protested through their clothes. Katy Perry wore a RESIST band in solidary with Sen. Elizabeth Warren who was shut up in the Senate.

Let them be our voices

Ordinary people can only create a huge voice if they shout collectively just like what we have seen during the Women’s March, a day after Trump’s inauguration. However, if musicians use their fame and platform to speak out against an oppressive government, it immediately gains attention. This is why we need to empower them. Let them take a strong stance against the oppressive Trump administration. By showing to them that we are behind them, we are also helping them make their voices bigger.

Show your support by buying their music. Attending their concerts could also be a great option. Check out MusoTickets for more information on the latest concerts and the price of the concert tickets.

To top it all, we are inspiring these artists to create better songs if we show them that we like what they are showcasing right now. We may have taken steps back because of the election of Trump, but we can always take the power back if we support the right causes.

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