Famous Dogs in Movies

483626459957Dogs are man’s best friend, whether on film or real life, they are our loyal friends and fierce protectors. They are known for their unconditional love, you could leave them for hours or days at a time but they would still be ecstatic to see you every time. One of our most favourite and tear-jerking movies was Hachiko, who waited for his owner for years until he died.  There are the likes of Beethoven who was also loyal to his owners and had endless adventures with them.

Other dogs that have captured our hearts are the 101 Dalmatians, of course, who did not hate Cruella Deville right? Airbud also starred Buddy, the iconic golden retriever who you see on posters dunking. Or Ren Tin Tin who was a rescue dog rescued by a soldier and trained to become an actor, in fact, he was voted to win the Academy Award for Best Actor but animals were not allowed. Then there was Marley from Marley and Me, a family dog that touched our hearts because not only of his dedication but also because of his owner’s love for him. Another dog that left imprints in Hollywood was Lassie, one of the three dogs who owns a star in the Hollywood walk of fame and even got an Emmy Award for her movies. And lastly, there is Snoopy, a well-loved cartoon character who has an Apollo lunar module, special honour from NASA, and even a US Air Force hustler bomb. Everyone on earth know who Snoopy is and he is one of the few characters that would surely live through history.

But of course, it may be cute and adorable to have a dog in a movie, there are many considerations to think of. Cleanliness and hygiene would always matter, so look for vacuum cleaners and other materials in dog sites like to keep your set clean. And do not forget to search at for dog food especially if you have dogs like a pitbull or st. Bernard. The dog also has to be well-trained so that children and other people on the set would not be harmed. Orientation to every crew member must also be made so that they do not endanger the dogs and themselves.

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