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Now is the Time to Support Musicians More than Ever

There are a lot of struggling musicians who deserve our support. There are also big stars in the music industry who just can’t stop doing great music. They also deserve our continued support. If you have second thoughts in supporting this industry, perhaps now is the time to quell that hesitation.

Now, more than ever, musicians use their voice to stand up for what is right. They don’t create music to entertain. They focus on lyrics that mean a lot. You may think of some musicians as self-absorbed individuals who can’t do great music.

There are others who keep using sound engineering devices to improve their vocal quality. The lyrics in some songs especially in this generation have faded. Compared with the kind of songs produced in the past, the difference is stark.

However, musicians are coming around. They are now back in making songs that make more sense. They are creating songs that don’t just sound nice, but are also sending clear messages. If you have seen the recently concluded Grammys, you might have seen a lot of musicians who have used their talents to stand up against Trump.

Others did not mention the president directly, but they have questioned his policies. They have shed light on the most pressing issues the society is facing. Back then, award ceremonies are all about artists throwing shade at each other. If you can remember, there was a time when Taylor Swift was interrupted by Kanye to show his support for Beyonce during her acceptance speech at the VMA’s. He embarrassed Taylor on stage after telling her how she didn’t deserve to get the award.

In the latest Grammys, there were no more shades. The stage was set for creative performances and the ones that we have never heard of before. There were strong rebukes against the Trump administration. There were also a lot of artists who protested through their clothes. Katy Perry wore a RESIST band in solidary with Sen. Elizabeth Warren who was shut up in the Senate.

Let them be our voices

Ordinary people can only create a huge voice if they shout collectively just like what we have seen during the Women’s March, a day after Trump’s inauguration. However, if musicians use their fame and platform to speak out against an oppressive government, it immediately gains attention. This is why we need to empower them. Let them take a strong stance against the oppressive Trump administration. By showing to them that we are behind them, we are also helping them make their voices bigger.

Show your support by buying their music. Attending their concerts could also be a great option. Check out MusoTickets for more information on the latest concerts and the price of the concert tickets.

To top it all, we are inspiring these artists to create better songs if we show them that we like what they are showcasing right now. We may have taken steps back because of the election of Trump, but we can always take the power back if we support the right causes.

The Effect of Trump’s Immigration Ban on Aspiring Musicians Who Wish to Work in the US

lead-singer-455750_960_720Do you plan to make it big in the United States as a musician? If you are not a US citizen, this could be a tough time. Given Trump as the head of the state, you might have to wait for a while before you can make that dream happen. His America First policy will surely lessen the number of working visa to be released for foreign workers.

He was vague during the campaign, but he has made it really clear now. His first order of business was to ban people coming from 7 Muslim-majority countries. If you are an aspiring musician from these countries, it could be really tough for you. Recently though, a federal judge has ordered a stay reversing Trump’s executive order. It means that those who have secured visa from these countries will be allowed to get in. If you don’t have one yet, getting one could be really tough.

If you are from countries other than those included in the ban, you might still have a chance to work in the US. The process though will be a lot tougher. Even in the past, getting a working visa is a challenge. The US government does not just release visas. They have denied several applications in the past. This is in fact the reason why there are a lot of illegal immigrants in the country. Obtaining a legal working visa could be very difficult for them.

Just keep practicing

For now, the only thing that you can do is to improve your craft. There will come a time when you will finally have a shot at getting a big name in the industry. Even those artists that are doing well now have not reached that status right away. They have to go through a lot just to be where they are now. The reason why they succeeded was not because of their country of origin, but because of their sheer talent.

If you are talented enough, wherever you may be, you will surely have a spot in the music industry. Start by making a name in the local scene. Once you have made a name for yourself in your country, you might consider working in other countries up until you reach the US stage. Trump will be there for a while. He might not even finish his term. Once he is gone, allowing more people in won’t be a challenge anymore.

You can check out ESP 7 string if you want to practice playing now. You just have to keep playing up until you feel like you are ready to conquer the world. You can also ask your friends to critic your performance. You may also join local competitions or reality shows. You should also increase your social media presence. You need to go through several stages before you can finally say that you are finally prepared to take on the bigger world stage. You can do it. Just be sincere in your effort to reach your dreams.

New Directors of Adelaide Festival Expected to Deliver a Very Ambitious Program

Niel Armfield and Rachel Healey, the new directors of the Adelaide Festival 2017 are eyeing to conduct the most ambitious performance yet. This is the duo’s first time to direct the festival together and while others say that they’re going a bit too far on their idea, some are very much thrilled to see how their plans would play out, most especially the granddaughter of the designer of the Palais de Danse. This dance floor was built in the 1920s. This iconic dance hall was dubbed as the “Taj Mahal of Torrens” but it sank after series of mysterious explosions 8 years after it was built.

Armfield and Healey are to create a two-story floating Palais that will recreate the said original Palais in River Torrens and it will be open to the public on March 2017. The said float will be open for the whole length of the celebration. The floating halls will host numerous live band performances, special events from celebrities worldwide and DJ parties. Healy, the artistic director of the festival hopes to make the floating Palais a “beacon” for all the fests attendees. The rest of the festival details will be released as soon as possible.

Great Performances in the Previous Years    

The Adelaide Festival is also known as the Adelaide Festival of Arts. It has been celebrated since 1960 and was initiated by Sir Lloyd Dumas as a means of attracting globally acclaimed art exhibits in South Australia. The festival happens every March and features a great number of events ranging from music, theater arts, literature and visual arts. Over the past few years it had 19 artistic directors. Some directed the fest more than once while others resigned. The center of the celebration is mostly held in the city, but this 2017, Armfield and Healey decided to take things down to the River of Torrens.

There were numerous unforgettable performances, including the festival in 1966 when they organizers and directors introduced the combination of electronic images, dance and musical number to the world for the first time and the 1992 fest where the first WOMAD was presented. Other memorable celebrations happened in 1960, which inspired a good deal of literary festivals all over the globe. Every year, locals and frequent festival goers look forward to seeing how organizers reinvent the festival theme each year.

More Visitors Expected to Come

With all the significant attention the upcoming festival is getting through print, online and social media, more visitors are expected to join the celebration. Hotels and other accommodation in Adelaide are expected to get fully booked as the event date draws near, so it would be best to book now if you want to be in town for the festival of the year. Apart from the usual musical, art and cultural performances, there will also be plenty of food fair worth visiting.

Apart from the usual attendees of the festival, there are also numerous investors and other corporate people expected to join the fun. Some might even look for corporate entertainment Adelaide while they are in the area.

Blake Shelton at the ACM Awards Night

blake-shelton-cc-mia-0912spApril 6 will be a full day for Blake Shelton, the Academy of Country Music holds the awards night at 7 P.M. and Blake will be co-hosting the event with Luke Bryan. The event will be held at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas. Blake is quite busy promoting the upcoming 49th ACM awards, guesting on TV and other shows, but he’s also fulfilling performance commitments. Fans who wish to see him perform may see for more info.

Blake Shelton is also scheduled to perform a duet with popular Columbian music artist, Shakira. ‘Medicine’ is part of her current album (self-titled), made available on shelves since March 25. This country-pop song is a collaboration between Shakira and Nashville song writers, which Blake was most happy to have a part in performing and recording.

Shakira actually initiated the team-up, she mentions about doing something fresh, something new, and doing them with some new people. In an interview with Billboard, Shakira talks of feeling a bit ‘tired of L.A.’ and that she wanted a ‘new point of view’. She was looking for new people to work with that she could feel comfortable being with.  She ended up working with producer Mark Bright and writer Hillary Lindsey. With the song ‘Medicine’, Shakira aimed for a theme which was country style, yet, suited to her Columbian way of interpreting songs. Blake says Shakira really hit the mark in all aspects, the outcome was just as she had conceptualized.

Shakira and Blake also co-work together, they’re both judges on the hit reality TV show, ‘The Voice’ which is currently running its 6th season. If the atmosphere in the recording room was all ‘cooperative’, it’s quite opposite with ‘The Voice’, all judges are in fierce competition with one another as they each fight for the most talented contestants on the show.

Catch Shakira and Blake’s live rendition of the song on ACM Awards night. Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert will also be performing. Luke Bryan, Shelton’s co-host will also be performing. Other artists on the list are Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum (together with Stevie Nicks), and many others.

The Latest on Entertainment: Florida Georgia Line

Over three million fans and social network contacts were pleasantly surprised and excited about the biggest news to hit on a Monday night this 24th of June. FGL stated via Twitter and Facebook posting that a new single will be released soon, and that would be from their upcoming newest album!

‘Dirt’ is the title of this new song, coming to you on July 8 at 6 o’clock in the morning (EST) and Florida Georgia Line seems to be equally excited about it. Expectations are quite high, for this comes as successor to their first studio release which was a huge success; ‘Cruise’ took the number one spot and exposed country to various collaborations with artists of different genre. ‘Cruise’ (Remix) was recorded with rapper Nelly and took the number four spot on the multi-genre top charts.

In a recent interview with US Weekly, the duo confessed to growing up playing sports; they particularly played baseball up to college. They look back and still give value to their team and coach who were great influences in their lives growing up. The two also announced that a performance will be given at the first ever Kids’ Choice Sports Awards, to be held next month.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley see the opportunity as a great privilege to be one in celebrating favorite players of this generation’s youngsters. The inaugural show will be held on July 17 (Thursday), 8 P.M. (EST). It will be hosted by Michael Strahan, a former pro-football athlete, and a co-host for ‘Live!’. Other guests (and co-nominees for the award categories) for the live show would be: SuperBowl champion Marshawn Lynch, Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney, NBA superstar Kevin Durant, and many others.

The duo also recently announced an upcoming fashion line. Twitter folks would know that this inspiration came from one of FGL’s commonly used hashtags- ‘#cantaffordnotto’. A website will soon be up and running as well.

In the mean time, Tyler and Brian will both stay busy with their current tour (This How We Roll) as well as that of Jason Aldean’s (Burn It Down). Get hold of florida georgia line tickets throughthis site.

The Latest in Entertainment

In the News: Justin Moore

Justin recently made an announcement of his plans to cut back in touring as he prepares for baby number three. Yes, Justin’s wife, Kate, is pregnant and delivery is expected sometime this summer. Justin said that ultrasound shows that the baby is healthy but Kate’s pregnancy is quite difficult this third time around and he plans to put in more time to caring for the kids. He has a four -year-old (Ella) and a 2-year-old (Kennedy).

Justin was recently awarded by ACM with 2014 New Artist of the Year but in stead of that recognition adding more to his busyness, touring this year is expected to be cut down to around a hundred; that means at least 50 less than that of last year. That’s just fine with Moore, who is all about family.

A scheduled performance at the free country music festival on June 12 at the Coca Cola Stage is a go this Thursday at 9:30 P.M. The gates open by 1 P.M. and the event goes from 3-10 P.M. Justin will be joined by Jamie Lynn Spears, Collin Raye, and others.

Further info on purchases for justin moore tickets is found here.

In the News: Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh was recently at The Mirage for two performances this last two nights of May. Schedules for the second half of the year are available online. Check here for daniel tosh tickets.

Also in the news, Comedy Central announced that a 2-disc set of COLLAS AND EXPOSED ARMS is coming out this June. The collection features 21 episodes of pure comedic fun. See scenes, viral clips, fun sketches, and “Web Redemptions” from the internet world as commented on by comic Daniel Tosh. Daniel Tosh is known for his sharp humor and relevant and controversial comments. He hosts Tosh.O on Comedy Central.

“Web Redemptions” allow subjects a second chance to redeem themselves from the embarrassment caused by a clip of them that went viral in the past. See funny weirdos and accident-prone idiots lay themselves out on the net. The 2 disc set includes extended interviews and never before seen Tiptoes spoilers, all uncut!