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The Effect of Trump’s Immigration Ban on Aspiring Musicians Who Wish to Work in the US

lead-singer-455750_960_720Do you plan to make it big in the United States as a musician? If you are not a US citizen, this could be a tough time. Given Trump as the head of the state, you might have to wait for a while before you can make that dream happen. His America First policy will surely lessen the number of working visa to be released for foreign workers.

He was vague during the campaign, but he has made it really clear now. His first order of business was to ban people coming from 7 Muslim-majority countries. If you are an aspiring musician from these countries, it could be really tough for you. Recently though, a federal judge has ordered a stay reversing Trump’s executive order. It means that those who have secured visa from these countries will be allowed to get in. If you don’t have one yet, getting one could be really tough.

If you are from countries other than those included in the ban, you might still have a chance to work in the US. The process though will be a lot tougher. Even in the past, getting a working visa is a challenge. The US government does not just release visas. They have denied several applications in the past. This is in fact the reason why there are a lot of illegal immigrants in the country. Obtaining a legal working visa could be very difficult for them.

Just keep practicing

For now, the only thing that you can do is to improve your craft. There will come a time when you will finally have a shot at getting a big name in the industry. Even those artists that are doing well now have not reached that status right away. They have to go through a lot just to be where they are now. The reason why they succeeded was not because of their country of origin, but because of their sheer talent.

If you are talented enough, wherever you may be, you will surely have a spot in the music industry. Start by making a name in the local scene. Once you have made a name for yourself in your country, you might consider working in other countries up until you reach the US stage. Trump will be there for a while. He might not even finish his term. Once he is gone, allowing more people in won’t be a challenge anymore.

You can check out ESP 7 string if you want to practice playing now. You just have to keep playing up until you feel like you are ready to conquer the world. You can also ask your friends to critic your performance. You may also join local competitions or reality shows. You should also increase your social media presence. You need to go through several stages before you can finally say that you are finally prepared to take on the bigger world stage. You can do it. Just be sincere in your effort to reach your dreams.