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New Directors of Adelaide Festival Expected to Deliver a Very Ambitious Program

Niel Armfield and Rachel Healey, the new directors of the Adelaide Festival 2017 are eyeing to conduct the most ambitious performance yet. This is the duo’s first time to direct the festival together and while others say that they’re going a bit too far on their idea, some are very much thrilled to see how their plans would play out, most especially the granddaughter of the designer of the Palais de Danse. This dance floor was built in the 1920s. This iconic dance hall was dubbed as the “Taj Mahal of Torrens” but it sank after series of mysterious explosions 8 years after it was built.

Armfield and Healey are to create a two-story floating Palais that will recreate the said original Palais in River Torrens and it will be open to the public on March 2017. The said float will be open for the whole length of the celebration. The floating halls will host numerous live band performances, special events from celebrities worldwide and DJ parties. Healy, the artistic director of the festival hopes to make the floating Palais a “beacon” for all the fests attendees. The rest of the festival details will be released as soon as possible.

Great Performances in the Previous Years    

The Adelaide Festival is also known as the Adelaide Festival of Arts. It has been celebrated since 1960 and was initiated by Sir Lloyd Dumas as a means of attracting globally acclaimed art exhibits in South Australia. The festival happens every March and features a great number of events ranging from music, theater arts, literature and visual arts. Over the past few years it had 19 artistic directors. Some directed the fest more than once while others resigned. The center of the celebration is mostly held in the city, but this 2017, Armfield and Healey decided to take things down to the River of Torrens.

There were numerous unforgettable performances, including the festival in 1966 when they organizers and directors introduced the combination of electronic images, dance and musical number to the world for the first time and the 1992 fest where the first WOMAD was presented. Other memorable celebrations happened in 1960, which inspired a good deal of literary festivals all over the globe. Every year, locals and frequent festival goers look forward to seeing how organizers reinvent the festival theme each year.

More Visitors Expected to Come

With all the significant attention the upcoming festival is getting through print, online and social media, more visitors are expected to join the celebration. Hotels and other accommodation in Adelaide are expected to get fully booked as the event date draws near, so it would be best to book now if you want to be in town for the festival of the year. Apart from the usual musical, art and cultural performances, there will also be plenty of food fair worth visiting.

Apart from the usual attendees of the festival, there are also numerous investors and other corporate people expected to join the fun. Some might even look for corporate entertainment Adelaide while they are in the area.