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Katy Perry Hitting the Right Notes at Grammy Awards Night 2014

katy-perryAlthough there is totally nothing new about Katy Perry’s pitch perfectness as she had proven it on her many concerts and different live shows. Definitely all (except on her UK X-Factor performance from where she may have a rather justifiable excuse) on those performances had made us think “Wow, she’s a good singer.”  And not only through her melodic voice that this singer/cat lady caught our attention, we are also enthralled her quirky costumes. Now that’s a definite “all the time!”

Katy Perry loves music so much that she had to wear it on, literally. And it’s safe to say that she did hit the right notes at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards for wearing the right outfit, at the right place, and at the right time.

Seriously, though, the “Roar” singer walked on the red carpet wearing a gauzy white gown by the famous Italian Valentino Haute Couture that really reminded us of a wedding dress. Katy Perry gave off a very distinctive vibe with her 2014 Grammy Awards look. We wonder if she is trying to call the attention of her boyfriend, John Mayer. Someone needs to alert him, quick!

The white, see-through sleeveless gown was fitted at the bodice and then it flared out starting from the waist and down, revealing the random musical notes that are printed on the skirt of the ensemble. She finished off her look by putting up the Valentino couture gown with a tight, high-bun. She looks very astonishing!  Wearing her hair back was an excellent choice, as it kept the people’s focus on the details of the dress. That look is not something we would expect to see on just anyone, but on Katy Perry it totally works. Truth be told, we love how she never fails to have a defining moment on the red carpet! Always interesting, and always fun!

“I want to present myself as a human being, with lots of different aspects that aren’t necessarily perfect… I think it’s totally fine to accept everything you have if you can.” she said “It is good to try and have a certain grace with everything, but a sense of humor is most important. I try not to take myself too seriously.” – Katy Perry (Cosmopolitan)

Famous Movie Props for Sale

gunAside from being the famous plethora of the most expensive films ever made, Hollywood also has been a great source producer of various expensive props for opportunistic auctioneers and rich collectors of movie memorabilia. These prized items mostly comprised of the props that were shown in the films. Items like weapons, statues, clothes, luxury vehicles or anything that might have made a significant impact on the audience and played a vital role in the success of the given film. For many years, diehard fans of movies have been spending enormous amounts of money to get their hands on some of the objects that have made a unique place in the history of movies.

Auction houses in different parts of the world, including a lot on the Internet have been providing these enthusiasts with some means of locating and purchasing various items from famous movie props furniture shops, and some antique stores. Props such as the legendary flying car called GEN 11 of the “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” movie was sold off at an auction for a whopping $805,000, Luke Skywalker’s light saber that made its famous appearance in the Star Wars epic saga and was sold for a staggering $240,000, the black dress Audrey Hepburn wore in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”  was sold for a massive $923,187, the DeLOrean DMC 12 sports car was made famous with the “Back to the Future Trilogy” and got upraised from $30,000 to $541,000.  And who would have thought someone would compete at an auction to buy a torn dress? Well, if it is Kate Moss’ vintage dress in 2007 at the V&A, which she tore and wore short after it was stepped on and ripped by Courtney Love. The messed up dress was still sold for over $1,300 at an auction.

Considering the relevance of movie props in the lives of celebrity avid fans and the luxury spending trend of rich collectors is now bringing millions of dollars with the props’ sales. These average looking props have not only attained more fan followers but with their vintage heritage, they have also collected a lot of monetary value over time.