Upcoming: Billboard Music Awards

After the Grammys, musicians will be vying next for a place at the Billboard Music Awards. The event will be held on May 18. Top nominees for the occasion are Lorde and Imagine Dragons, each have been given twelve nominations across various categories. Lorde recently dominated radio charts with her multi-platinum and Grammy award winning hit ‘Royals’. Imagine Dragons on the other hand, has dominated the charts with its 2012 year-ender hit ‘Radioactive’, also a multi-platinum and Grammy award winning hit.

Next in line with five nominations each (individual song category) are Pharell, Lorde, T.I. and Robin Thicke. Again, Imagine Dragons have four nominations for the category, together with Katy Perry. For the Hot 100 song category, Both Lorde and Imagine Dragons are up for nominations, including Blurred Lines (Thicke), Roar (Katy Perry), and Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus).

For the Top Artist Category, fellow nominees are: Justin Timberlake (The 20/20 Experience), Imagine Dragons, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Drake, Eminem, Beyonce, as well as Luke Bryan. Bryan’s fans will be very happy to know that he leads in all country acts, having seven nominations.

Indeed, with so many nominations in, Imagine Dragon fans are excited to see how many awards their music idols will bag for this event. Fans have been trooping to concert tours in support of the group. Those who haven’t had a chance to see them live may check for more info.

An award will be given for ‘Top Christian Song’ and nominations for this category are: Mandisa for “Overcomer”, Building 429 for “We Won’t Be Shaken”, Chris Tomlin for “Whom Shall I Fear (God Of Angel Armies)”, Sidewalk Prophets for “Help Me Find It”  and Matthew West for “Hello, My Name Is”.

Zedd (Clarity), Lady Gaga (Applause), Icona Pop (I Love It ) Daft Punk (Get Lucky), and Avicii (Wake Me Up!) are nominees for ‘Top Dance/Electronic Song.

The 2014 Billboard Music Awards will happen at Las Vegas, MGM Grand Arena. The show will be aired on ABC. The event will award artists in forty categories. Awards are given based on the following criteria: social media, streaming, radio play, sales, and a number of other factors.

Blake Shelton at the ACM Awards Night

blake-shelton-cc-mia-0912spApril 6 will be a full day for Blake Shelton, the Academy of Country Music holds the awards night at 7 P.M. and Blake will be co-hosting the event with Luke Bryan. The event will be held at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas. Blake is quite busy promoting the upcoming 49th ACM awards, guesting on TV and other shows, but he’s also fulfilling performance commitments. Fans who wish to see him perform may see for more info.

Blake Shelton is also scheduled to perform a duet with popular Columbian music artist, Shakira. ‘Medicine’ is part of her current album (self-titled), made available on shelves since March 25. This country-pop song is a collaboration between Shakira and Nashville song writers, which Blake was most happy to have a part in performing and recording.

Shakira actually initiated the team-up, she mentions about doing something fresh, something new, and doing them with some new people. In an interview with Billboard, Shakira talks of feeling a bit ‘tired of L.A.’ and that she wanted a ‘new point of view’. She was looking for new people to work with that she could feel comfortable being with.  She ended up working with producer Mark Bright and writer Hillary Lindsey. With the song ‘Medicine’, Shakira aimed for a theme which was country style, yet, suited to her Columbian way of interpreting songs. Blake says Shakira really hit the mark in all aspects, the outcome was just as she had conceptualized.

Shakira and Blake also co-work together, they’re both judges on the hit reality TV show, ‘The Voice’ which is currently running its 6th season. If the atmosphere in the recording room was all ‘cooperative’, it’s quite opposite with ‘The Voice’, all judges are in fierce competition with one another as they each fight for the most talented contestants on the show.

Catch Shakira and Blake’s live rendition of the song on ACM Awards night. Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert will also be performing. Luke Bryan, Shelton’s co-host will also be performing. Other artists on the list are Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum (together with Stevie Nicks), and many others.

MH370: Still an Unsolved Mystery

malaysiaairlines-flight-mh370On March 8 of this year, breaking news about MH370 was heard all over the world. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur but in less than an hour of flight, it lost contact with air traffic control. The flight was carrying twelve crew members and two hundred twenty-seven passengers. To this date, no signs of the plane or of its crash site have yet been found.

With passengers coming from different countries, search rescue teams were being organized on a multi-national level; it is reported to be the most wide and most expensive search to be conducted in history, covering the areas of Thailand Gulf, South China Sea, Strait of Malacca, and Andaman Sea.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority joined the search, focusing on the Indian Ocean. Initial search efforts were fruitful as a robotic submarine began picking up signals coming from beacons attached to the “black box” flight recorders of the aircraft; but when all beacon batteries were finally exhausted, signals were lost. The Australian search team was halted this May 28th, with no sighting found.

What puzzles authorities is that no clear reason can be established as to the purpose or cause of the disappearance. The last to make contact with the aircraft was Vietnam Air Traffic Control, but the captain only heard ‘mumbling’ and static. No distress signal was sent out; there was no notice of technical problems, and there were no weather problems at the time the aircraft vanished. MH370 holds the reputation for being one of the safest aircrafts ever built.

Modifications to aircraft tracking are now being suggested but president of Emirates, Tim Clark says no changes ought to be made until more conclusive facts about the case have been discovered. He said that if indeed MH370 veered off course, said plane would have been intercepted by Malaysian military fighter jets. If it invaded another country’s airspace, a similar reaction would be solicited from that country as well. Mr. Clark wonders why there was no immediate action from the Malaysian military at the time the plane deviated.

Chief Executive of International Air Transport Association, Mr. Tony Tyler stated that this disappearance is a first in the history of modern aviation; i.e., for an aircraft to vanish without trace and for such an extended period of time. In the annual meeting held in Doha, Qatar, joint efforts on formulating better means of global tracking came up in the discussion. An initial draft of recommendations derived will be given to the International Civil Aviation Organisation by September. “It must not happen again,” Tyler emphasized.

Along with Australia, Malaysia itself has stopped all search operations. Some private companies are still hopeful, GeoResonance for one is still exerting rescue efforts.

There is a growing rumor that the US may be responsible for the missing plane. John Chuckman, senior economist, speculates that its military forces may be responsible for the incident, shooting down the unidentified plane which was invading its horizons; this being done either intentionally or accidentally. Mr. Chuckman might have been pointing to a 1988 incident when he stated that if ever, ‘”this wouldn’t have been the first time’”.

In 1988, Commercial Flight 655 of Iran Air was shot down by the United States Navy. Two hundred ninety passengers were instantly killed. During that time, US Navy ships were situated in the Persian Gulf in order to defend and escort US registered Kuwaiti oil tankers. Marine activities of Iran in the surrounding area were also being limited and the United States was imposing embargo against the country. When flight 655 flew in the same area and failed to make contact, USS Vincennes, a missile cruiser that was at war with Iranian ships at the same time, proceeded to shoot down the airplane, mistakenly perceiving it to be an attacking military fighter.

The ‘US military shootdown’ angle is also supported by Nigel Cawthorne who authored a book discussing this same theory. He cites a man who witnessed a burning passenger plane in the skies; the man was working on an oil rig in the area at the time. Bearing in mind that US and Thai join military operations were happening at that same time might all the more strengthen the proposed theory.

Last May 31, spouses Katherine and Marc lodged a report with the Australian organization Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC), an organization that coordinates search efforts for MH370. The report made states citing of the burning plane at a declared location. The report if verified might prove valuable. The spouses included a full track voyage data which supposedly confirms that they were within sight of the crashing plane.

The husband and wife were already at sea for over a year and at the time of the disappearance of MH370, their yacht was on its way to Phuket. Katherine Tee stated that she saw a plane on fire crossing the sky at night and heavy black smoke trailed behind it. In an interview with the Phuket Gazette, she further adds that she witnessed two other planes as well. She dismissed the sighting but was alarmed when upon arrival in Phuket on March 10, news of the MH370 disappearance reached them.

Already nearing three months of searching, doubts on the possibility of ever recovering the missing plane may be dimming by the minute. Search locations are being widened and experts say that with that kind of move, finding the missing aircraft will be less likely. Millions and millions of dollars have been put into the search, with more budget being channeled into it. Australia has an additional $38.8 million pooled into the budget while the US will be putting in $4 million dollars more in addition to the $3.3 million it had already spent for the search.

The concerned families are in a constant state of grief, seeking a much-needed closure that keeps on evading them. The whole world eagerly awaits the final outcome. Will the final resting place of MH370 ever be found and will the reason for its tragedy ever be revealed?

Now is the Time to Support Musicians More than Ever

There are a lot of struggling musicians who deserve our support. There are also big stars in the music industry who just can’t stop doing great music. They also deserve our continued support. If you have second thoughts in supporting this industry, perhaps now is the time to quell that hesitation.

Now, more than ever, musicians use their voice to stand up for what is right. They don’t create music to entertain. They focus on lyrics that mean a lot. You may think of some musicians as self-absorbed individuals who can’t do great music.

There are others who keep using sound engineering devices to improve their vocal quality. The lyrics in some songs especially in this generation have faded. Compared with the kind of songs produced in the past, the difference is stark.

However, musicians are coming around. They are now back in making songs that make more sense. They are creating songs that don’t just sound nice, but are also sending clear messages. If you have seen the recently concluded Grammys, you might have seen a lot of musicians who have used their talents to stand up against Trump.

Others did not mention the president directly, but they have questioned his policies. They have shed light on the most pressing issues the society is facing. Back then, award ceremonies are all about artists throwing shade at each other. If you can remember, there was a time when Taylor Swift was interrupted by Kanye to show his support for Beyonce during her acceptance speech at the VMA’s. He embarrassed Taylor on stage after telling her how she didn’t deserve to get the award.

In the latest Grammys, there were no more shades. The stage was set for creative performances and the ones that we have never heard of before. There were strong rebukes against the Trump administration. There were also a lot of artists who protested through their clothes. Katy Perry wore a RESIST band in solidary with Sen. Elizabeth Warren who was shut up in the Senate.

Let them be our voices

Ordinary people can only create a huge voice if they shout collectively just like what we have seen during the Women’s March, a day after Trump’s inauguration. However, if musicians use their fame and platform to speak out against an oppressive government, it immediately gains attention. This is why we need to empower them. Let them take a strong stance against the oppressive Trump administration. By showing to them that we are behind them, we are also helping them make their voices bigger.

Show your support by buying their music. Attending their concerts could also be a great option. Check out MusoTickets for more information on the latest concerts and the price of the concert tickets.

To top it all, we are inspiring these artists to create better songs if we show them that we like what they are showcasing right now. We may have taken steps back because of the election of Trump, but we can always take the power back if we support the right causes.

The Effect of Trump’s Immigration Ban on Aspiring Musicians Who Wish to Work in the US

lead-singer-455750_960_720Do you plan to make it big in the United States as a musician? If you are not a US citizen, this could be a tough time. Given Trump as the head of the state, you might have to wait for a while before you can make that dream happen. His America First policy will surely lessen the number of working visa to be released for foreign workers.

He was vague during the campaign, but he has made it really clear now. His first order of business was to ban people coming from 7 Muslim-majority countries. If you are an aspiring musician from these countries, it could be really tough for you. Recently though, a federal judge has ordered a stay reversing Trump’s executive order. It means that those who have secured visa from these countries will be allowed to get in. If you don’t have one yet, getting one could be really tough.

If you are from countries other than those included in the ban, you might still have a chance to work in the US. The process though will be a lot tougher. Even in the past, getting a working visa is a challenge. The US government does not just release visas. They have denied several applications in the past. This is in fact the reason why there are a lot of illegal immigrants in the country. Obtaining a legal working visa could be very difficult for them.

Just keep practicing

For now, the only thing that you can do is to improve your craft. There will come a time when you will finally have a shot at getting a big name in the industry. Even those artists that are doing well now have not reached that status right away. They have to go through a lot just to be where they are now. The reason why they succeeded was not because of their country of origin, but because of their sheer talent.

If you are talented enough, wherever you may be, you will surely have a spot in the music industry. Start by making a name in the local scene. Once you have made a name for yourself in your country, you might consider working in other countries up until you reach the US stage. Trump will be there for a while. He might not even finish his term. Once he is gone, allowing more people in won’t be a challenge anymore.

You can check out ESP 7 string if you want to practice playing now. You just have to keep playing up until you feel like you are ready to conquer the world. You can also ask your friends to critic your performance. You may also join local competitions or reality shows. You should also increase your social media presence. You need to go through several stages before you can finally say that you are finally prepared to take on the bigger world stage. You can do it. Just be sincere in your effort to reach your dreams.

New Directors of Adelaide Festival Expected to Deliver a Very Ambitious Program

Niel Armfield and Rachel Healey, the new directors of the Adelaide Festival 2017 are eyeing to conduct the most ambitious performance yet. This is the duo’s first time to direct the festival together and while others say that they’re going a bit too far on their idea, some are very much thrilled to see how their plans would play out, most especially the granddaughter of the designer of the Palais de Danse. This dance floor was built in the 1920s. This iconic dance hall was dubbed as the “Taj Mahal of Torrens” but it sank after series of mysterious explosions 8 years after it was built.

Armfield and Healey are to create a two-story floating Palais that will recreate the said original Palais in River Torrens and it will be open to the public on March 2017. The said float will be open for the whole length of the celebration. The floating halls will host numerous live band performances, special events from celebrities worldwide and DJ parties. Healy, the artistic director of the festival hopes to make the floating Palais a “beacon” for all the fests attendees. The rest of the festival details will be released as soon as possible.

Great Performances in the Previous Years    

The Adelaide Festival is also known as the Adelaide Festival of Arts. It has been celebrated since 1960 and was initiated by Sir Lloyd Dumas as a means of attracting globally acclaimed art exhibits in South Australia. The festival happens every March and features a great number of events ranging from music, theater arts, literature and visual arts. Over the past few years it had 19 artistic directors. Some directed the fest more than once while others resigned. The center of the celebration is mostly held in the city, but this 2017, Armfield and Healey decided to take things down to the River of Torrens.

There were numerous unforgettable performances, including the festival in 1966 when they organizers and directors introduced the combination of electronic images, dance and musical number to the world for the first time and the 1992 fest where the first WOMAD was presented. Other memorable celebrations happened in 1960, which inspired a good deal of literary festivals all over the globe. Every year, locals and frequent festival goers look forward to seeing how organizers reinvent the festival theme each year.

More Visitors Expected to Come

With all the significant attention the upcoming festival is getting through print, online and social media, more visitors are expected to join the celebration. Hotels and other accommodation in Adelaide are expected to get fully booked as the event date draws near, so it would be best to book now if you want to be in town for the festival of the year. Apart from the usual musical, art and cultural performances, there will also be plenty of food fair worth visiting.

Apart from the usual attendees of the festival, there are also numerous investors and other corporate people expected to join the fun. Some might even look for corporate entertainment Adelaide while they are in the area.

The Benefits In Relying the Plumbers At Adelaide

It happens to everybody, including you. You sometimes get an occasional problem in your kitchen as you wash the dishes and all of sudden there’s a leak under your sink. Everybody gets that problem. You even also have bathroom problems as well when your toilet suddenly broke and releases toilet water everywhere in your bathroom. So, of course you have a situation on your hands here and why not better have someone skillful enough to fix that issue? This is where plumbers are heroes. Plumbers at Adelaide have many expert plumbers that are available in answering your distress.

So, you don’t have to worry about that problem anymore because a hero will be there to rescue you. Plumbers are experts in repairing pipes or replacing new ones, so with their expertise and knowledge you can trust them in doing the job right.

There are benefits about Plumbers at Adelaide and if you want to know more about them check the list down below.

  • They are available 24/7. So this is one of the reasons why you should call and hire a plumber. They are always available to you no matter if it is late at night or early in the morning. They will not ignore your calls but instead accept the job.
  • They are the experts. The important reasons why you should call them even more, besides the fact that you don’t have any clear knowledge in fixing the plumbing problem yourself, is because they are professionals and they know a lot about repairing pipes, more so than you.
  • They can give you tips and advice. The best thing about hiring a plumber is that they can help you answer any questions that you might have. They will not hesitate in providing tips and ideas in order to avoid having other mishaps in your kitchen or your bathroom.
  • They get the job done. They are not scammers, they are legit and are working in a legal company so they are honestly genuine and they know how to fix the problem and have it done in no time at all. You can trust and rely on their skills so don’t concern yourself if they only work half-heartedly. The plumbers are Adelaide can assure you that they can repair the pipes 100% and have them working as if they are good as new.

Now that you fully understand why it is a good idea to grab your phone to call and hire a professional plumber to fix your broken pipes. Having someone who knows what they’re doing is the only solution you’ve got if you don’t know how to fix the pipes yourself. The plumbers are trained to replace the pipes, fix the broken leaks and have them in working condition in a short amount of time. They are experts in their fields and they can assure you that you will have your kitchen or your bathroom back to their new selves.

Famous Dogs in Movies

483626459957Dogs are man’s best friend, whether on film or real life, they are our loyal friends and fierce protectors. They are known for their unconditional love, you could leave them for hours or days at a time but they would still be ecstatic to see you every time. One of our most favourite and tear-jerking movies was Hachiko, who waited for his owner for years until he died.  There are the likes of Beethoven who was also loyal to his owners and had endless adventures with them.

Other dogs that have captured our hearts are the 101 Dalmatians, of course, who did not hate Cruella Deville right? Airbud also starred Buddy, the iconic golden retriever who you see on posters dunking. Or Ren Tin Tin who was a rescue dog rescued by a soldier and trained to become an actor, in fact, he was voted to win the Academy Award for Best Actor but animals were not allowed. Then there was Marley from Marley and Me, a family dog that touched our hearts because not only of his dedication but also because of his owner’s love for him. Another dog that left imprints in Hollywood was Lassie, one of the three dogs who owns a star in the Hollywood walk of fame and even got an Emmy Award for her movies. And lastly, there is Snoopy, a well-loved cartoon character who has an Apollo lunar module, special honour from NASA, and even a US Air Force hustler bomb. Everyone on earth know who Snoopy is and he is one of the few characters that would surely live through history.

But of course, it may be cute and adorable to have a dog in a movie, there are many considerations to think of. Cleanliness and hygiene would always matter, so look for vacuum cleaners and other materials in dog sites like to keep your set clean. And do not forget to search at for dog food especially if you have dogs like a pitbull or st. Bernard. The dog also has to be well-trained so that children and other people on the set would not be harmed. Orientation to every crew member must also be made so that they do not endanger the dogs and themselves.

Bruno Mars in MANILA!

bmTwo-time Grammy award winner Bruno Mars is on tour around parts of Asia this March and April. Places he’s visited included Thailand and Philippines. Schedule also included a visit to Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan, among others.

Bruno Mars is half-Filipino and no one need to guess how close to his heart the Philippines would be. Filipino fans rightfully expected him to deliver an emotionally packed concert on March 22 at the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City. There’s nothing more inspiring and energizing than performing in front of a sold-out venue, with an audience that truly roots for you and encourages you. Bruno Mars is dearly loved in the Philippines, the country is known to be very supportive of its Filipino representatives that go out in the world and make a name for themselves out of hard work.

Upon his arrival, he was accommodated at Solaire Resort and Casino, an establishment near the concert venue. A press conference was held within the day at the Eclipse Lounge. Bruno Mars accommodated the inquiries of his eager audience. Bruno also took the chance to show his love of the Philippines by making a donation of one hundred thousand USD for the benefit of typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) victims in the Philippines. He dedicated the amount for medical assistance to children affected by the typhoon and to use the other sums for feeding, scholarships, and counseling for the children. Disaster preparedness sessions for children will also be arranged. The local charity accepting the donation has been supported by Bruno Mars from 2011.

The Philippine trip is part of Bruno Mar’s Moonshine Jungle Tour. Mars who first visited the children under the care of his supported foundation in April 8, 2011 was set to perform at the Mall of Asia Arena, March 22. He treated his fans to some of his greatest hits and also to tracks of his latest album, the Unorthodox Jukebox.

Bruno Mars is known to be a well-rounded performer and artist. He not only sings hit songs, he also writes and co-writes them.  Catch Bruno Mars on the following tour dates: